tABLE by Elda Bellone » Yanko Design


I love this thoughtful table design by Elda Bellone. Born as part of the designer’s “open object project,” tABLE consists of two overlapping tables that merge together seamlessly thanks to perfectly carved spaces in the lower table’s legs. Need an extra surface? Simply pull the upper table off to form two entirely separate and useful entities. Once apart they can be placed side by side, overlapping, or even separated into entirely different spaces as each individual table looks great with or without the other.

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Furniture in movement | Abitare En

Furniture in movement | Abitare En.

The design brand created by Luca Baroni – are indeed pieces of furniture in movement: versatile and ingenious, they move in space with agility, they open and close, constantly changing to meet new needs. For tables, shelves, small tables and bookshelves, forms split to multiply functions.

nendo: textured transparencies

japanese design studio nendo presents ‘textured transparencies’ at milan design week 2011 at galleria jannone. the collection of four new pieces include tables and lights, exploring levels of transparency infinite nuances – not full transparency that seeks to disappear visually, but partial transparency that exists in gradations in the space between transparent and opaque. each of the pieces are constructed from different materials and point to the possibility of new functions and visual effects in furniture.

via nendo: textured transparencies.