Antares: Photovoltaic Charging Station Designed by Pininfarina for Metalco

Pininfarina introduced Antares, a photovoltaic charging station for Metalco, during the MoTechEco of Rome, the Sustainable Mobility Show hosted on the premises of Rome’s Environment Department. Equipped with a tree to hold the electric car charge point, the Antares station is being exhibited along with the Nido EV, a working electric prototype entirely designed and built by Pininfarina.

via Antares: Photovoltaic Charging Station Designed by Pininfarina for Metalco.


Party by Rotganzen

Party by Rotganzen | Design Milk.

Rotganzen is a Rotterdam based artist collective formed by Robin Stam, Joeri Horstink and Mark van Wijk. They’ve created a party tent, appropriately named Party.

The party is over and a party tent, with partially tilted legs, has been left behind. This exact image is captured and stylized in Party, a series of objects made out of steel. Something that was once fragile has now become solid. By stylizing and adding bright colors a new form is created, while the origins remain visible.

Party is a personal translation by Rotganzen, it represents the ambivalence that appears at typically Dutch backyard parties. On the one hand there is joy and festivity, on the other superficiality and emptiness
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