New water bottle design for Avitez

The new water bottle designed by Francesco Cappuccio ‘breathe’ like plants do. An evolutionary product for the visionary mindset. Created to meet the increasingly sophisticated demands of an ever-changing world The bottle  is made 100% from plants. It is recyclable, biodegradable, compostable and can be incinerated without releasing harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. This because the bottles are made from poly lactic acid (PLA) derived from renewable plant sources such as corn. It will degrade and return to organic compounds in industrial composts surroundings within 80 days. Unlike other types of plastic bottles the Avitez bottle can be recycled into a completely new bottle again and again, it  uses up to 60% less Greenhouse Gases than oil-derived bottles.


jovoto / empowering creatives / | Ideas

jovoto / empowering creatives / | Ideas.

Coca-Cola Design+ Award 14 place winner

A “Cradle to Cradle” sustainable Crate, made of two PP parts (red and white).

First size for 1liter 8 bottles
Second size is inspired by the traditional early 1900 wooden crate 48 bottle, 250 cc.
A “Cradle to Cradle” sustainable  design Crate, made of two PP parts (red and white)
One of the challenges of recycle is in separating the different parts, including its own many variations, once it arrives at the waste station and beyond.
Cradle to Cradle design seeks out the means to create products that will be deconstructed and recycled back into their original materials time and time again.
No stickers no colors = easy to recycle.

Designed by Francesco Cappuccio