INQ Cloud Touch and Cloud Q by ChauhanStudio

INQ Cloud Touch and Cloud Q by ChauhanStudio.

From ChauhanStudio, two new curvy mobile handsets for INQ. According to INQ Social Mobile Co-Founder Ken Johnstone “INQ Cloud devices have to look clean and simple, to reflect the simplicity of our User Interface. We created a design language that is unmistakably INQ to stand out from other mobile phone brands.”


AlessiLux Lamps by Anghini, Chiave and Gooris

AlessiLux Lamps by Anghini, Chiave and Gooris.

Design brand Alessi’s ongoing exploration of new fields of production that are “Alessi-able” (to quote founder Alberto Alessi) has led it to the light bulb and a collaboration with manufacturer Foreverlamp.

Natural Pot Personal Eco Air Conditioner by Yoon Seung-Hyun

Eco Shelf Zenstyle & Natural Pot Personal Eco Air Conditioner by Yoon Seung-Hyun, Son Seol-hee & Jo Chal-youn » Yanko Design.

The Cooling Effect Gets Fancy

Global warming or not, inevitably every season in my city seems like summer! It’s great to see how designers are trying to evolve the air con by making it blend into the home environment, just like another piece of furniture. Here are two projects: the Eco Shelf Zenstyle & the Natural Pot. The former is a wall mounted shelf cabinet and the latter a flowerpot. Both feature green patches to nurture plants that are fed off the excess water discharged by the AC unit! Clever, real clever!

Bamboo-Steel Chair

Woven Steel Seats – Bamboo-Steel Chair Brings Traditional Taiwanese Crafts into the 21st Century (GALLERY).

Japanese design firm Nendo has created a steel chair designed to look like a bamboo chair. The appropriately named Bamboo-steel chair has a steel body, yet is constructed like a bamboo chair with its woven seat and wrapped support tubes.