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jovoto / empowering creatives / | Ideas.

This concept focus on collecting water directly from the rain and from atmospheric humidity, with benefit to get more clean water (compare to roof collector) and reduce the filtering task to get drinking water 24 h a day.


Wall panel made of synthetic sponge capture the “clean” rain water (classic roof catchment system carry pollutants) correspondent indoor pot

with plant system depurate the water.

A cylindrical solar powered bar, rolls up and down to squeeze the rain water into the indoor pot (1 solution) or down to the water treatment chamber (2 solution)

Designed by Francesco Cappuccio


Phytopurification is an integrated natural water purification system based on the combined effect of various biotic (aquatic vegetation and larger plants, either rooted plants such as reeds or floating plants such as duckweed and water hyacinth as well as bacterial microflora) and abiotic (soil or subsoil; physical phenomena such as sedimentation and adsorption; microhabitat – temperature, oxygenation, pH, and other conditions) components that are found in natural wetlands.



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