diesel + moroso: chubby chic

designed by moroso for diesel, the ‘chubby chic’ furniture series juxtaposes ample forms and soft fabrics

with the clean lines of leather and linen belting. the works were on exhibition at diesel’s ‘relics from the next future’

home collection event and international furniture show during milan design week 2011.

including an armchair, standing ‘poufs’ usable as stools or ottomans, and an oversized floor seat,

‘chubby chic’ composes part of diesel’s ‘successful living’ line, designed to unite fashion, design, and functionality.

each piece layers at least two colours of fabrics, in shades of gray, blue, khaki, or distressed patterns;

and while the works on exhibition featured brown leather belts, moroso has also designed editions with coloured fabric cinctures.

‘a lot of washed overdyed linen is needed to cover all this bountifulness’,

reads the description of the collection, ‘but now it is time to tighten the belts!’

via diesel + moroso: chubby chic.


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