Wireless domestic stove with Reuse and Recycle oil tank


Disposing of used cooking grease is an environmentally important task. There are several ways to safely dispose of it, but it should never be poured down the drain.
What do you do after cooking with lots of oil, such as when deep frying? Pouring the oil down the drain or toilet will cause clogs down the line, literally, since oil thickens when it cools and does not mix with water. Pouring it in the garbage can make quite the mess, as well.
Add a little old oil to the new oil” trick. It helps the new oil better absorb the water from that which is being fried and you get a better result.

Oil can be used for frying several times(7-8) , as long as you filter it between uses and separate the oil for cooking fish from the rest.

Francesco Cappuccio


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