Rubber-netto -A Flexible Faucet For the Bathroom » Yanko Design

A Flexible Faucet For the Bathroom » Yanko Design.

Rubber-Netto is a flexible faucet for the bathroom sink that allows one to control the direction and flow of water.

The inspiration for the Rubber-Netto concept emerged from the wish for a more flexible control of the water flow in the bathroom. The use of a flexible hose for faucets has already been seen in the kitchen. It would be equally useful in the bathroom. Thus, Rubber-Netto’s flexible faucet would alter the ergonomics of the bathroom and make the performing of functions, such as rinsing of the mouth or drinking, far easier. The pressure of the water could be adjusted by tightening the pipe.

The body of Rubber-Netto is made of brass, while its outer covering is made of high-performance rubber. The rubber covering is strong, hygienic, recyclable and scratch-proof. The water mixer lever is integrated in its overall bio-amorphous expression. It is easy to clean and safe for children. The rubber cover could be white (ceramic feel) or in various transparent colours, with the transparent hose revealing the flow of water, and thus heightening the user experience and the product’s interaction with the user. The Rubber-Netto style could be easily translated into an entire series of faucets for all faucet functions in the bathroom.


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